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Table 9 SUR of log annual hours of work and log BMI

From: Fat spouses and hours of work: are body and Pareto weights correlated?

Panel I. Husband’s SUR regressions Log(Husband’s Hours) Log(Husband’s BMI)
Log(Wife’s Hours) 0.039** −0.011
  (0.015) (0.010)
Log(Wife’s BMI) −0.062** 0.161***
  (0.028) (0.018)
Panel II. Wife’s SUR regressions Log(Wife’s Hours) Log(Wife’s BMI)
Log(Husband’s Hours) 0.080** −0.045***
  (0.032) (0.017)
Log(Husband’s BMI) −0.039 0.242***
  (0.050) (0.027)
N 2,025  
  1. Note: Regressions, which are simultaneously estimated, include own and spousal characteristics (age, log-hourly wage, completed years of education, a good health status indicator, and a recent pregnancy indicator), food ratio, household non-labor income, number of children, state and year fixed effects. In addition, husband’s (wife’s) regression includes a husband’s (wife’s) sedentary-job type indicator Standard errors in parentheses.
  2. *** p-value< 0.01, ** p-value< 0.05, * p-value< 0.1.