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  1. Original article

    Trade union membership and paid vacation in Germany

    In Germany, dependent employees take almost 30 days of paid vacation annually. We enquire whether an individual’s trade union membership affects the duration of vacation. Using data from the German Socio-Econo...

    Laszlo Goerke, Sabrina Jeworrek and Markus Pannenberg

    IZA Journal of Labor Economics 2015 4:17

    Published on: 10 September 2015


    Evaluating search and matching models using experimental data

    This paper introduces an innovative test of search and matching models using the exogenous variation available in experimental data. We take an off-the-shelf search model and calibrate it to data on the control g...

    Jeremy Lise, Shannon Seitz and Jeffrey Smith

    IZA Journal of Labor Economics 2015 4:16

    Published on: 27 August 2015


    Female labour market outcomes and the impact of maternity leave policies

    This paper shows how family policies aimed at reconciling the pressures of family and work generate substantial variation in labour market outcomes across developed countries. We use a life-cycle model of fema...

    Hamish Low and Virginia Sánchez-Marcos

    IZA Journal of Labor Economics 2015 4:14

    Published on: 24 July 2015

  4. Original article

    Occupational gender segregation in an equilibrium search model

    This paper develops an equilibrium search model to explain gender asymmetry in occupational distribution. Workers’ utility depends on salary and working hours, and women have a greater aversion to longer worki...

    Emiko Usui

    IZA Journal of Labor Economics 2015 4:13

    Published on: 10 July 2015

  5. Original article

    Active labor market programs - employment gain or fiscal drain?

    This paper provides a new perspective by classifying active labor market programs (ALMPs) depending on their objectives, relevance and cost-effectiveness during normal times, a crisis and recovery. We distingu...

    Alessio JG Brown and Johannes Koettl

    IZA Journal of Labor Economics 2015 4:12

    Published on: 26 June 2015

  6. Original article

    How do teachers respond to tenure?

    I use the 2007 Schools and Staffing Survey to estimate the effect of tenure on K-12 teacher behavior. Estimates are obtained by exploiting the cross-state variation in the probationary period length of novice ...

    Michael D Jones

    IZA Journal of Labor Economics 2015 4:8

    Published on: 29 April 2015


    Matching strategies of teachers and schools in general equilibrium

    I use a structural matching model, North Carolina public school data, and a survey of teachers’ career plans to analyze schools’ and teachers’ behaviors in the teacher transfer market. Results show that mid-ca...

    Tom Ahn

    IZA Journal of Labor Economics 2015 4:5

    Published on: 21 March 2015

  8. Original article

    College major peer effects and attrition from the sciences

    This paper examines how peer quality within distinct college majors affects graduation rates and major persistence. To mitigate the selection problem, we control for school-specific fixed effects, as well as v...

    Marc Luppino and Richard Sander

    IZA Journal of Labor Economics 2015 4:4

    Published on: 28 February 2015

  9. Original article

    Locus of control and the labor market

    This paper reviews the role of locus of control in the labor market. I begin with a discussion of the conceptual origins of locus of control, including its relationship to related concepts such as self-efficac...

    Deborah A Cobb-Clark

    IZA Journal of Labor Economics 2015 4:3

    Published on: 19 February 2015


    The unhappily unemployed return to work faster

    This paper shows that job loss is associated with a fall in subjective well-being (SWB). It then looks at how this change in SWB predicts job search and unemployment duration. The findings suggest that those w...

    Dimitris Mavridis

    IZA Journal of Labor Economics 2015 4:2

    Published on: 29 January 2015

  11. Original article

    Common law marriage and couple formation

    The Current Population Survey is used to investigate effects of Common Law Marriage (CLM) on whether young US-born adults live in couples in the US CLM effects are identified through cross-state and time varia...

    Shoshana Grossbard and Victoria Vernon

    IZA Journal of Labor Economics 2014 3:16

    Published on: 10 December 2014

  12. Original article

    Percent plans, automatic admissions, and college outcomes

    Access to selective universities is highly coveted because of the perception that attending one provides opportunities otherwise difficult to obtain. To broaden access to the state’s flagship universities in a...

    Lindsay Daugherty, Paco Martorell and Isaac McFarlin Jr

    IZA Journal of Labor Economics 2014 3:10

    Published on: 22 October 2014

  13. Original article

    Dissimilar occupations and marital stability

    We show that information revealed by the occupation choices of spouses predicts marital dissolution. Using a novel measure of occupational distance constructed from the O*Net Content Model, we find that spouse...

    Ben Van Kammen and Scott J Adams

    IZA Journal of Labor Economics 2014 3:9

    Published on: 8 October 2014

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