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Table 4 Robustness checks—response to pollution by sex (Dependent variable: working hours per week in 2000)

From: Medium- and long-term consequences of pollution on labor supply: evidence from Indonesia

Sample Households with dependents Households without dependents
  Men Women Men Women
Pollution index in 1997 −1.1749** −2.4635*** −1.9189 0.3728
  (0.5281) (0.7080) (1.2205) (1.2713)
Sample size 3050 1738 951 785
  1. Robust standard errors are in parentheses. Controls included, but not reported: age, age squared, tenure, tenure squared, education, outside kitchen and water, urban location, household size, working hours in 1993, and GHS
  2. *Significant at 10% level; **significant at 5% level; ***significant at 1% level