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Table 2 Percentage of teacher of type j,k o entering the transfer market: WCS dataset

From: Matching strategies of teachers and schools in general equilibrium

Experience ( j ), School Type ( k o ) Pr. of Mkt. Entry
Low experience, bad School 0.480
Mid experience, bad School 0.444
High experience, bad School 0.330
Low experience, good School 0.334
Mid experience, good School 0.328
High experience, good School 0.224
  1. Working Conditions Survey (WCS) data from 2006. The probability that a teacher of type j,k o decides to search for a new position, where j is the level of experience, and k o is the type of school where the teacher is currently employed. ‘Bad’ schools are low-performing, and ‘good’ schools are high-performing schools. ‘Low’ experience is 1-3 years, ‘Mid’ experience if 4-10 years, and ‘High’ experience is 10+ years. See end-note 16 for details.