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Table 4 Job-to-job flows decomposition by individual and business characteristics 1998:Q2 – 2010:Q4, LEHD and CPS quarterly data

From: The recent decline in employment dynamics

  Job-to-job Job-to-job
1998:Q2 .099 .079
2010:Q4 .061 .046
Change -.038 -.033
% of decline explained by   
  Worker age 21.0% 9.0%
  Gender 0.3% 0.0%
  Race & ethnicity −0.6%  
  Education −0.2% 2.9%
  Industry −1.3% −1.1%
  Firm size 2.8%  
  Firm age 7.6%  
  1. Notes: LEHD data are from Hyatt and McEntarfer (2012b). CPS national monthly data were downloaded from the Federal Reserve website and converted to a quarterly frequency. CPS data by demographic and business characteristics were provided by Bruce Fallick. All data are seasonally adjusted.