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Table 3 Job creation and job destruction decomposition by business characteristics 1998:Q2 – 2010:Q4, LEHD and BED quarterly data

From: The recent decline in employment dynamics

  LEHD Job creation LEHD Job destruction BED Job creation BED Job destruction
1998:Q2 .077 .064 .083 .076
2010:Q4 .055 .051 .066 .061
Change -.022 -.013 -.017 -.015
% of decline explained by:     
  Industry −7.2% −9.7% −9.0% −5.9%
  Firm size 9.6% 13.1% 5.8% 6.3%
  Firm age 18.9% 14.4%   
  1. Notes: LEHD data for 30 states were downloaded from the Cornell Virtual RDC. BED national data were downloaded from the BLS website. BED establishment level data are different than BED firm level data; the BED job creation and job destruction statistics in the top rows of this table are national establishment level data. All data are seasonally adjusted.