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Table 6 Ordinary least square regression used to estimate the impact of origin, religious closeness, job properties and their interactions

From: Hiring discrimination based on national origin and religious closeness: results from a field experiment in the Paris area

Variables Coeff. T statistic Variables Coeff T statistic
1st intercept 0.43 8.37 Catholic −0.01 0.09
North African −0.15** 2.62 Islam −0.17** 2.57
Catholic* North African 0.01 0.29 Islam*North African 0.06 1.38
Resumé template : 2 −0.01 0.31 Resumé template 2*North African −0.01 0.26
Resumé template 2*Catholic 0.04 0.87 Resumé template 2*Islam 0.01 0.28
Contract : fixed term −0.21** 2.40 Indefinite term*Islam 0.13* 1.85
Contract : Indefinite term −0.16*** 2.92 Experience desired*North African 0.10** 2.09
Wage > 2200 0.12** 2.26    
  1. Explained variable: 0: No or negative call back, 1: Positive call back. The following dummy variables had been introduced into the regression: Origin, Religions, resumé template used, type of contract (fixed term, indefinite term), experience requirement (experience “desired”, experience “required”), degree requirement (minimal degree “desired”, minimal degree “required”), degree level (Baccalauréat, Bachelor), wage offered, others extras offered, sex of the recruiter, interactions among origin and religions, resumé template and origin, resumé template and religions, characteristics of the jobs and origin, characteristics of the job and religion. For more clarity in the following table, only the coefficients related to applicants’ properties and their interactions, significant coefficients related to job ads properties and significant interactions between job and applicant properties are presented. *: Significant at 10% **: Significant at 5% ***: Significant at 1%.
  2. Source: calculations by the author.