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Table 4 Effect of North African origin according to the religious closeness signaled and difference in difference estimations

From: Hiring discrimination based on national origin and religious closeness: results from a field experiment in the Paris area

Comparison by pair on the same job offers Difference between the callback rates (in % points) T-statistic
Secular French/North African 15.33*** 6.00
Catholic French/North African 14.00*** 5.53
Muslim French/North African 9.00*** 4.59
Comparison of differences between the pairs of applicants Difference in difference between the pairs of applicants (in % points) T-statistic
Secular applicants/Catholic applicants 1.33 0.41
Secular applicants/Muslim applicants 6.33** 2.04
Catholic applicants//Muslim applicants 5.00* 1.67
  1. The student test statistics have been computed by the Bootstrap method on 10000 repetitions.
  2. ***: Significant at 1%.**:Significant at 5% *:Significant at 10%.
  3. Source: calculations by the author.