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Table 1 Identity of applicants

From: Hiring discrimination based on national origin and religious closeness: results from a field experiment in the Paris area

Last name First name Signal Name of the organization* Activity of the organization Signal
Martin Julien French Sourire Outdoor activities Secular
Petit Nicolas French Aumônerie de la paroisse St Joseph Vigil, World Youth Day Catholic
Moreau Sébastien French Ramadan ensemble Entertainment and meals during Ramadan Muslim
Hassani Rachid North African Samedi Jeunes Sport and cultural events Secular
Bouras Farid North African Les Chemins de Compostelle Pilgrimage Catholic
Abdelkrim Mohamed North African Association des jeunes Musulmans de Reims Leisure activities Muslim
  1. *Translation in English: Sourire, Smile; Aumônerie de la paroisse St Joseph, St Joseph parish chaplaincy; Ramadan ensemble, Ramadan together; Samedi Jeunes, Saturday Youths; Les Chemins de Compostelle, Paths of Compostella; Association des jeunes musulmans de Reims, Association of young Muslims of Reims.