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Table 10 Major migration by initial major and SAT

From: What happens after enrollment? An analysis of the time path of racial differences in GPA and major choice

  Final Major
  Percent of students Mean SAT
  Humanities/ Nat Sci/Eng/ Humanities/ Nat Sci/Eng/
Expected major Social Science Economics Social Science Economics
Humanities/Social Science 21% 2% 1390 1410
Natural Sci/Engineering/Econ 11% 35% 1384 1443
Do not know 20% 11% 1397 1442
Humanities/Social Science 29% 1% 1277 -
Natural Sci/Engineering/Econ 26% 22% 1270 1289
Do not know 13% 9% 1231 1307
  1. Note: The sample size for non blacks (blacks) is 887 (203). “Do not Know” indicates students who reported not knowing their initial major. The mean SAT value for black students switching from humanities/social science to natural sci/engineering/econ was not reported in order to protect the identity of the students (i.e. the sample size of this cell is 2). However, we can state that the mean SAT score for this cell is higher than the humanities/social science-expected major and the humanities/social science-final major.