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Table 2 Personality traits and preferences, SOEP questions

From: Personality and marital surplus

Big Five: I see myself as someone who … (7-point scale from ‘applies to me perfectly’ to ‘does not apply to me at all’)
is original, comes up with new ideas Openness to Experience
values artistic experiences Openness to Experience
has an active imagination Openness to Experience
does a thorough job Conscientiousness
does things effectively and efficiently Conscientiousness
tends to be lazy (reversed) Conscientiousness
is communicative, talkative Extraversion
is outgoing, sociable Extraversion
is reserved (reversed) Extraversion
is sometimes somewhat rude to others (reversed) Agreeableness
has a forgiving nature Agreeableness
is considerate and kind to others Agreeableness
worries a lot Neuroticism
gets nervous easily Neuroticism
is relaxed, handles stress well (reversed) Neuroticism
Risk aversion: (10-point scale) Are you generally a person who is fully prepared to take risks, or do you avoid taking risks?