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Table 6 Descriptive statistics and conditional logit estimates, Dutch game show and AEA elections (dependent variable is “sent away” or “elected”) *

From: Tall or taller, pretty or prettier: is discrimination absolute or relative?

  Dutch game show AEA elections
  Mean Parameter Mean Parameter
  Std. Dev. estimates Std. Dev. estimates
  Range   Range  
Own 0.00 −2.8587 0.00 0.3044
  (0.71) (2.6098) (0.71) (0.2097)
  [1.50,5.73]   [−1.79,2.71]  
Average in election 3.50   0.00  
  (0.36)   (0.41)  
  [2.52,4.20]   [−1.01,0.94]  
Interaction:   0.6639   0.2522
Own x Average   (0.7242)   (0.4960)
Pseudo R2   0.1723   0.1994
N 276   312  
  1. *The conditional logits for the Dutch game show include as controls a vector showing the rank of the person’s score in the round, a quadratic in age and an indicator for gender. Those for the AEA elections include as controls the person’s share of total citations to the four candidates in the round, and indicators for gender, whether the person had previously held a high-level government position, was in a Top 5 economics department, was not an academic, was African-American or had won a Nobel Prize.