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Table 3 Descriptive statistics and conditional logit estimates, AEA elections, N=312 (dependent variable is “elected”) a

From: Tall or taller, pretty or prettier: is discrimination absolute or relative?

  Mean   Parameter  
  Std. Dev.   estimates  
 Absolute 0.00 0.3623   0.5300
  (0.71) (0.2043)   (0.4184)
 Rank in election 2.50   0.1385 -0.0981
  (1.12)   (0.1038) (0.2123)
 Pseudo R2   0.1846 0.1795 0.1853
  1. aThe conditional logits include as controls a quadratic in the candidate’s lifetime citations up through the year before the election, and indicators for gender, whether the person had previously held a high-level government position, was in a Top 5 economics department, was not an academic, was African-American or had won a Nobel Prize.